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Home Physiotherapist Karachi

Home physiotherapist | physio at home

Karachi Patient Care offer home physiotherapy services for those patients who would like to receive care at their home or workplace.Home physiotherapy treatment is one of our prime and popular service all over karachi city. The quality care which we provide in home is same as you get in any hospital in Karachi. Rehabilitation Goals are always be focused during physiotherapy service that how they can use their home environment to get patient well soon.

We Do NOT provide any virtual business or ‘online marketplace’ for independent service providers. Each of our home physiotherapists is hand-selected and experts, they are experienced and certified and are long-term and valued members of our staff.

physiotherapy treatment karachi

Home physiotherapy treatment is nessary for those patient who doctor have recommended specially. So it is difficult for theme to come hosptial everyday. In order to give this physiotherapy service in their homes our qualified physiotherapist are available 24/7. Our team is totally professional, understanding and helpful, passionate about empowering seniors and specific patients to rehabilitate soon to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Because our model of care is one-on-one home visits with great individual care, we are able to devote extended time and exclusive attention to each client.

  • Balance, Mobility, and Independence
  • Surgical Rehabilitation & Recovery
  • Orthopedic, Post Stroke, and Parkinson’s Rehabilitation
  • Fall Recovery
  • Fall Prevention & Home Safety Assessment

We offer 24/7 physiotherapy services

Karachi Patient Care

Karachi Patient Care caring hands home health care available 24/7 to provide qualified Nursing staff including planning and monitoring your care. All of Our staff team members (Nursing) are trained to care for patients of both acute and chronic illness. Our team make sure to check nrusing staff rigorous background and reference checks, They have completed nursing degrees/education, procedural training and hospital/ICU training.